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wave of food

Healthy, plant-based snacks, 

unlike anything you've ever tasted.



A little about us...

We are Francesca Smith and AJ Lawson, and NU Food is our company.


We've both spent the better part of our lives as competitive snowboarders and action sports athletes. We've always been on the search for healthy, plant-based snacks.


We grew into veganism as a way to reduce our carbon footprint, live cleaner lives, and do the least amount of harm to every living creature in this world.

Try our newest snacks!



JESSE PAUL, pro snowboarder

The popcorn was phenomenal, and we are popcorn fiends, so we have high standards!


CLAUDIA, caring mom

Our popcorn arrived today—LOVE IT! My favorite is the Churro. My daughter, vegan, is crazy about the Nooch; we will definitely be ordering more!


MAXX IVES, outdoor enthusiast

The bag of Churro was the perfect treat during the last camping trip of the summer, delicious!

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nud·ie  /ˈn(y)o͞odē/


one who becomes obsessed with NU food products, aka a "NU foodie"

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