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Wholesale Information

If you're here, then we hope this means you're curious about carrying our products!


We're a fresh and growing company, and we don't currently have strict guidelines for creating wholesale relationships. That said, we're more than happy to send samples and pricing sheets.


For now, please direct all inquiries to


"NU popcorn has been such a great addition to our taproom! It's such an easy grab-and-go snack and our customers absolutely love it!" 

Happy Leaf Kombucha 

"I love working with NU Food at FitLo Denver events! There are a lot of moving parts and coordination before and during our events, and, AJ and Francesca are easy to work with. At the event, they are always up for joining in and participating in the event activities. Most importantly,  AJ and Francesca are generous with sharing their delicious NU Food popcorn and queso. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but, I am a nudie!"

- Tricia Olsen, FitLo Denver owner 


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nud·ie  /ˈn(y)o͞odē/


one who becomes obsessed with NU food products, aka a "NU foodie"

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