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Why Eat Vegan?

January 1, 2021

To begin, let’s talk about how eating vegan can benefit your body. Vegan foods are generally much more allergy-friendly, and never include any dairy or eggs, common allergens that often prevent people from eating items such as ice cream or queso. NU Food eliminates the need to avoid the queso on the dip table— our queso is 100% plant-based and completely edible for the many dairy-free folks out there.

What's the Scoop on Plant-Based Cheese?

February 23, 2021

Many of us that are less familiar with plant-based foods often assume that cheese is a thing of the past for those that have chosen to abstain from the dairy-filled substance, or those with lactose allergies. On the contrary, those that stay away from lactose now enjoy a whole world of plant-based cheese that doesn't weigh on your conscious—or your bowels—when consuming.

NU Food is Taking Popcorn Back

March 12, 2021

If you’ve thought about cutting back on animal products in your diet, you’ve probably discovered just how many little things contain dairy that you didn’t even realize. With so much now going on our “do not eat” lists, it can all become a little overwhelming, but don’t get discouraged! Even if what seems like most items on our grocery shelves have hidden dairy ingredients, there are still plenty of plant-based dairy products out there, especially depending on where you shop—for example, all NU Food products, like our queso, only contain plant-based ingredients!