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Our Story

We are Francesca Smith and AJ Lawson, and NU Food is our company.


We've both spent the better part of our lives as competitive snowboarders and action sports athletes. We've always been on the search for healthy, plant-based snacks.


We grew into veganism as a way to reduce our carbon footprint, live cleaner lives, and do the least amount of harm to every living creature in this world. 


The need for delicious snacks didn't stop when we adopted a vegan diet. Changing to a plant-based lifestyle expanded our tastes in new and exciting ways, introducing foods we hadn't yet experienced.


We've been making our popcorn and queso for years, perfecting the recipes. All that time, we've dreamt of finding products just like them in stores. Thanks to the generous and encouraging feedback we received from friends and family, we decided it was time to share with the world.


Our dream is to deliver healthy, delicious, plant-based foods to everyone.


Thanks for stopping by. Grab a bag or two of popcorn, and enjoy! 

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nud·ie  /ˈn(y)o͞odē/


one who becomes obsessed with NU food products, aka a "NU foodie"

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